Ethereum Developer Bootcamp - My Journey

October rolled in, I was sitting at my desk, entrenched in a deep google hole of online blockchain course searches. Since June, I had been investing my time researching cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, blockchain. Over time, I understood how ‘it’ worked, now I needed to learn how to work ‘it’. A blockchain 101 course on Coursera wasn’t cutting it for me, I needed something more concrete, something more creative.

The 11 week ethereum developer bootcamp offered by Consensys Academy was the perfect course for someone in my position. I had graduated with my degree in computer science earlier in the year and had been working on contracted web development projects ever since. From May until October, I had accumulated enough information on blockchains and had enough web development experience under my belt to learn smart contracts and build a beautiful interface for the GUI. This course outshone every other course I found in the google hole, and out I came, excited to join the ethereum development community.

The first couple weeks were easy, they reinforced my existing accumulated knowledge on the blockchain ecosystem. The next few weeks were like walking on a 20 degree angled incline as we dove into topics specific to the ethereum blockchain. It was getting tough, I loved it. Week 6 onwards was the most exciting, I got to code in Solidity!! It is the programming language used to write smart contracts. Clever additions like modifiers and event listeners made it ideal for ensuring autonomous transactions and sequential execution. The best part of the course had begun. It was getting tougher to understand, say about 60 degree incline, and more time consuming, but I was learning so much so fast, it contributed to a deeply satisfying end to each day.

Coding the final project was the daunting and exciting at the same time. It was no cake walk, and definitely the toughest part of the course. All the knowledge I accumulated had to be implement and executed in a single project. I initially wanted to implement voting on the blockchain, but soon realized the complexity of implementation and had to switch topics. Walking by the some tennis courts later that day I remembered the time latency in distribution of prize money at the completion of a tournament I had once participated in. It was a real world application and could be applied to tons of pre-existing games, virtual and physical. Boom - final project topic decided - a smart contract that keeps track of funds collected at the start of a tournament and distributes them to the winner after completion of the tournament.

It was no easy ordeal. Many a times, the error I googled was non-existent, or a youngling - with no answers. Since the technologies, namely Metamask and Ganache, that I used to build this project were new, there were a bunch of errors I had to fix by brute forcing different solutions. It was time consuming, but it was a great method to learn what didn’t work, and why. I am most proud of developing a nested for loop for bracket generation of up to 32 players that allowed even and odd number of total participants in the tournament (capped player limit to 8 on the front end for testing purposes and screen size limits). This was part of the bootcamp where I learned to work ‘it’. Towards the final stages of testing my project, I took a moment to acknowledge the beauty and efficiency of blockchain technology, the mind-blowing capability of smart contracts, and my newly acquired set of skills that could only get better.

I submitted my final project on Sunday, January 27th, and received my certificate of proficiency on Friday, Feb 14th. I am a blockchain developer, and I am excited to contribute in a greater capacity to our company’s mission: to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.