I want Cryptocurrency, Where do I start?

When I started learning about cryptocurrency, I thought the process of obtaining it was illusive, and ominous. I no longer feel this way because I’ve learned of several ways to get ahold of it. It doesn’t have to be a long complicated process. This article breaks down several of the ways to obtain it, hopefully one of them works for you.

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I have no money, can I still get crypto?

Yes. There are a surprising number of ways for you to get your hands on free cryptocurrency.

If you are a content producer, then options for you to obtain cryptocurrency through the monetization of your content are becoming more and more commonplace.

Blog / Articles - Steemit.com

Music - myceliaformusic.org

Art - www.maecenas.co

I don’t produce content, how else can I get crypto?

Ask someone who has crypto to give you a little bit.

One of the great things about cryptocurrency, is that its cheap to transfer small amounts of it. If you’re just interested in how it works, ask a friend to help you set up a wallet on your phone or desktop. Then if they’re really nice, they will send you some to play around with.

Once you have your wallet, you can paste your public key anywhere on the internet. On Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, who knows where others are using Bitcoin. If you’re producing something they like, they might just send you some money!

For reference. A Bitcoin public key looks like this. 1Nxs97EFk9m359wCphyXtVz4imbfTuBet

Earn Cryptocurrency

You can earn cryptocurrency. We live in the age of the internet, this means that you are able to monetize your interactions on the web. Either through the production of content, or through obscure means, the things you do, and the data you produce on the internet is worth money.

The Brave Browser allows you to opt in, and get paid for watching advertisements. This is revolutionary in the advertising space as it allows for you to get direct compensation for your time and attention. If you download the browser from the above link, the Brave foundation will give you $5 USD worth of their “Brave Attention Tokens” for you use on the internet. Read more here.

Can I mine cryptocurrency?

Your computer is sitting idle for a good portion of the day. At least as long as you are sleeping. One way that you can take advantage of this fact, is if you choose to mine cryptocurrency. You can mine much more than just Bitcoin, there are hundreds of coins out there that you can mine.

There is a great service out there called Honeyminer. This is a service that will automatically mine less popular coins, then convert your earnings to Bitcoin for you. Use the below links to get HoneyMoney working on your machine.



Can’t I just buy cryptocurrency?

Sure you can, the process is just a little more difficult. Sometimes, services that allow you to buy cryptocurrency with your credit card or bank account will require that you upload a picture of your identity. This is called a KYC or “Know your client” process. This is completely normal in the cryptocurrency world, but if you intend on keeping your identity a secret, perhaps this option is not for you.

Atlantic Blockchain Company uses a service called ShakePay. ShakePay started as a mobile wallet and purchasing service, but has now launched a browser service as well. They accept Interac e-Transfer and Bank Wire Transfer as a means of funding your account. If you buy cryptocurrency on ShakePay, we highly recommend that you move your funds to a safe, non-custodial wallet as soon as possible. ShakePay is a centralized entity, which means, if their service goes down, your funds go with them.


Attend a workshop

At our various workshops, we like to give out cryptocurrency to the public in order to familiarize our audience with how to hold and transfer cryptocurrency. Check our events page for up to date information on events near you.

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