ABC: Educating Teachers

Teachers of NS

The Atlantic Blockchain Company, in accordance with Digital Nova Scotia, delivered two blockchain presentations on Tuesday, April 16th, and Thursday April 18th (2019). This was a great opportunity for ABC to speak to the members of our community, that are closely linked to the youth, about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Atlantic Blockchain Company found this was a great opportunity for us to educate members of the public, in a fun, and engaging way.

The Presentation

The presentation consisted of an hour of content, followed by a series of hands on exercises. These were the topics we covered:

  • Historical Context of Blockchain

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Bitcoin 101

  • Blockchain Use Cases

We believe the best way to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency is with a hands on approach.

Hands on ( Sandbox Wallet )

Our hands on section of our presentation consisted of an exercise where we had everyone in the room sign up on our sandbox wallet. If you’re reading this blog, and have never interacted with a blockchain before, then this is a good opportunity for you to see how it works. Go to and sign up for an account.

A valid user name needs to have all lowercase letters, and have a number within it.

After signing up on the wallet, you will be given 10 UNI which have no monetary value. This sandbox wallet works the same as a regular wallet, except there are no consequences to losing your keys, or making any mistakes. This wallet is a good exercise for beginners because it removes the risk of making a mistake, which crypto “noobs” are prone to make.

Hands on ( Bitcoin Wallet )

Next, we had everyone download the wallet, or the wallet. Part of the presentation consisted of knowing about your public and private keys, backing up your 12 word phrase, and finally, receiving $10 worth of Bitcoin.

The Atlantic Blockchain Company distributed more than $400 worth of Bitcoin to the Teachers of NS between the two presentations.


We spoke to 50 teachers from Nova Scotia, from a range of ages, and backgrounds such as English, Mathematics, Science, and more. We informed this group of people about the phenomenon of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Then we walked everyone in the room through getting a wallet and backing it up properly, teaching proper, and responsible private key management. We then distributed more than $400 worth of Bitcoin to these teachers.


Anyone can learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. It is not a technology that is reserved for the youth. It is something that all generations can use and understand.