Atlantic Blockchain Company: Mission Statement

We are the Atlantic Blockchain Company

Atlantic Blockchain Company Inc. is a Blockchain Training Company operating out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Atlantic Canada.

Who do we help?

We consult with businesses of all sizes to determine the possible adoption of blockchain technology into their existing business infrastructure.

We deliver educational seminars to universities and private venues to give the common individual the tools and definitions they need to make sense of the “crypto phenomenon” that is sweeping the globe.


How do we help them?

The current Blockchain and Cryptocurrency revolution demands education. Our experience as software engineers, and educators, allows us to bridge that gap by giving workshops and lectures to business professionals, curious developers, or the intrigued individual.

We enjoy breaking down high level technical concepts into easy, bite size chunks for the lay-person to understand. We believe that the technical concepts that drive Blockchain technology can be understood using common, everyday definitions and analogies.

Informed Decision Making

Making informed decisions is valuable for businesses. An uninformed decision can cost a company thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Blockchains are versatile, and can be used to simplify or solve many existing problems that exist in the world. With applications ranging from supply chain management to decentralized finance, the use cases have the potential to save companies hard earned dollars. ( Read here for more use cases )

There is a caveat, Blockchain is not a solve-all solution for every problem. It is common to boast about the many wonderful things a blockchain can do, and then fail to mention that blockchains are not for every business. By engaging with the Atlantic Blockchain Company, we can help you determine whether or not blockchain is right for your business.

If you’re eager to jump on the bandwagon that is the blockchain revolution, take a moment to ask us a couple of questions. It might be that you’ve bought into the hype. We can help your business find the right fit in the blockchain ecosphere, or not!

Where do we want to help?

Ultimately, we want to help the globe. The internet is global. Blockchain is global. There is no reason why our software cannot be used in ways that have a global impact.

At the end of the day, our focus is bringing economic opportunity to the Atlantic provinces, that is Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. We believe that the Atlantic provinces nurture a rich startup environment with plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs embarking on exciting technical projects.

Atlantic Canada Initiatives

We have interests in pursuing Blockchain based software in the following areas.

  • Renewable / Green Energy

  • Real Estate

  • Local Business Infrastructure

If you are curious as to how blockchain can enhance any one of these areas, please send us an email.

What is our goal?


Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

Want to know more?

Send us an email

We love hearing from our audience and asking them questions.