Brave Browser: Get Paid for your attention.


Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is an internet browser, just like Google Chrome, or Safari, but with a couple of interesting privacy oriented enhancements. Brave is specifically designed to integrate with the new paradigm of crypto currencies, making it easier for you to obtain, and use various tokens.

Brave Attention Tokens (BATs)

Brave has a native token that the browser uses to incentivize the users of the browser to pay attention to advertisements. Traditionally, advertising models have been a two-way paradigm between the advertiser, and the advertisement network provider. The token can also be given to content producers. Traditionally, the only way for content producers to make money, is to somewhat reluctantly serve advertisements alongside their content. Brave aims to fix that by creating an ecosystem where you can “tip” content, and give compensation for liked content direct to the content provider, cutting out the entity in the middle.


The advertiser is anyone who posts an ad on any of the many networks, channels or apps you find yourself using. May that be Youtube, Facebook, or Google, these advertisers are paying the Ad Network provider to have their ad served to the users of their platform.

Ad Network Provider

The Ad Network providers are the aforementioned entities; Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. These are the companies that are benefiting from the attention that you are giving to the advertisements. What you don’t realize is the thing that these entities are monetizing is your attention, your data. This data rightfully belongs in your hands. If you want to use these platforms, you are consenting to allowing these platforms to monetize you, and the data that you generate for them. These companies are making billions of dollars off of the data that they receive from you watching their advertisements. It is the opinion of the Atlantic Blockchain Company that you deserve a cut for paying attention to advertisements. After all, time is money.


Brave has a mission of “fixing the internet”, while it is not necessarily our opinion that the internet is broken, there are certainly a number of privacy related issues that we think could use an upgrade. We really like what Brave has accomplished thus far as they’ve turned the model of advertisement from a two-way relationship into a trifecta.


Download the Browser

You can download the Brave Browser by following this link. When you use our referral link, you will get $5 USD worth of BAT. Brave has decided to give away $1 Million in BAT as a way of jump starting their platform.

There is a catch! You must give these BATs to content providers within 3 months of receiving them. There is no such thing as free money.

Donate to Content Creators ( Thats us )

If you navigate to, you will be able to “Tip” the content creator using the BAT tokens you just got for using our referral code. Try it out! Give us a dollar. Then go and find out who else is using Brave and spread the wealth around.

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Monetize your own content

You can monetize your own content. There are emerging social media platforms such as, that has essentially monetized the “like” button, effectively allowing you to own your content.

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